Top 15 Hindi Song Download Sites

Our lives nowadays work on different ways with loads of duties on our shoulders and more than that, the stress that we get from the work. In cases like these, the only thing that anybody likes is music and that too his favorite. Music helps us just lose ourselves into a world that’s free from all issues.

And what if you start getting problems in just finding your favorite sites. You can’t find your music anywhere and the sites who offer your favorite music are full of malicious ads. What would you do?Don’t worry! We have brought you a list of all the top ranked websites that let you download music mp3 freely and are totally reliable.

Free Music Downloading websites

1) SongsPK

SongsPK is the must popular website where you can download your favorite Bollywood songs for free. You can download all latest and old Hindi songs. Not only that but you can even listen to online songs on this website. The quality of the songs is offered in different sections and you can choose the preferred quality. Moreover, SongsPK has a very good collection of songs available at your disposal.


This website will offer you the best and latest Hindi songs. But it is not only Hindi that the website is limited to. They provide you songs of many different languages including English. The search bar available at the top will let you find any song that you want to download. This website is totally free and you can download anything for free here.


It is also considered to be the best website to download Bollywood songs. You can download any song from this website and that’s the reason that everybody loves using this site. The results of the searches bring out the album as well as the song and further you can choose anyone for you. The top songs of the week are displayed on one side of the website which includes all categories of songs to download.


Gaana is the must popular website to for free music. The website is not only limited to an online page but it is also available as an app for Android and iOS. There is a huge collection of songs available on Gaana which are available to listen for free offline after downloading.


Webmusic may seem a very simple site to you but believe us, it’s the best site for finding out the songs that you want to hear. The site allows you to download a zip file of the songs that you want to hear. The website contains a huge collection of songs to hear and download.


Topgaana is also considered as an awesome website to download your Hindi songs for free. All songs are listed by a category in this website where you can easily search a song or an album. Not only this but the website also lets you download ringtones of the music that are listed here.


This website is also considered among the top free Hindi music downloading sites. The website provides a huge collection of songs for your interests and you can download them anytime without any hiccups. The website provides you with the top 20 songs of the week and gives you every option to download them.


This website contains everything that you will be needing in a song downloading website. You can easily search a song and download it instantly. In this website, songs are listed according to their album names or movie name so you easily download song as a zip file of the whole album and as well as a single song.

9) is considered to be among the top music websites across India. It will allow you to download both old and new songs of Bollywood. You can download the song as well as listen to it online. You can search the song by its category, name of singer or album also. The website also contains Hollywood songs that available for free to download.


Hungama is the best and popular website to download your favorite new and old songs. The website provides a big collection of songs which allows you to download your favorite songs freely. The website not only provides you Hindi songs but also English, Telugu, Punjabi and others.


The songs available on are totally free of cost and the main feature is that it has both old and new songs on it. Besides this, the site features news and videos too. This site is more better for downloading music over mobiles.


The is considered the best when it comes to downloading the most featured songs. You can get Top 10 artists of the week whose songs will be rated the top by the users. The best part of this website is that you can download everything for free and also search for your favorite songs in the search box comfortably.


Now this website is what you will love to have in your list. The interface of this site is totally user friendly where you can find the song you want easily. The music is free for everybody without any sign ups or logins required. The website also features different categories of songs so you won’t miss out any of the best song.

14) contains every song that we love to hear any with every latest movie release, they release the songs too. You can easily search for your favorite song and download it free of cost.

15) offers a huge collection of all types of songs. Here you can easily search any of your favorite song and you can get it easily. Also you can get some interesting videos that are absolutely free to download without any registration required.

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Five crazy things that you probably don’t know about whatsapp

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that has gone popular since 2009. It is the most used app where people are enjoying it every single day. Along with messages and photo sending you can now make a call to your friends and enjoy this messaging app. It is also surprising to know that over 30 million messages the world send their friends in a day and around 200 million photos are sent every day.

WhatsApp is the amazing app which makes you to connect with your dear ones from different countries and also can chat with group of people by having group conversation.The app not only cross 900 million users but it has also many remarkable features like whatsapp dp,whatsapp status,blurtick,groups charting,privacy that make it the best app instant messenger.

Even though it reaches to its popularity there are certain things which you aren’t aware about the whatsapp or either of its operation and in this article we shall be sharing you what are those crazy things you missed up while gathering information about the app.

Five crazy things to know about whatsapp:

  • Founded by yahoo employees:

You would be amazed to know that whatsapp was founded by two former employees of yahoo- Jan koum and Brian Acton. But earlier both the employees were also rejected by Facebook and Twitter in interviews, it was then when they decided to create whatsapp. This app has received many good responses due to its instant features and functions.

whatsapp founders


  • One billion downloads with five people:

Whatsapp crossed one billion android downloads in last year and beside this, the interesting thing is that it has only five people running behind the whatsapp with 57 engineers. It is a very small team with a big impact.

share location with whatsapp

  • Trace your friends location:

With the help of whatsapp you can now trace your friend’s location and get their lie if they are trying to fool you. This app has an interesting feature that allows you to know the location from maps and call them if you want to know the exact location of your friend.

sent location with whatsapp

  • No marketing advertisements:

There is no marketing advertisement in whatsapp and the founder’s desk itself will give you a pure message that there are no ads, games and no such gimmicks in whatsapp. This will not bore you off with such nonsense things that you usually get in other apps. It clearly shows that the company doesn’t spend its money on such kind of marketing.

no ads

  • No Bluetick function:

Whatsapp has newly introduced a feature to disable bluetick function. When bluetick was launched for first time in whatsapp no sender could ever tell a lie or could ignore messages because this features lets you know when the person had read your messages or checked but didn’t reply to your message.  Whatsapp did save some relationships which were almost getting over to some extent due to this bluetick function.

whatsapp bluetick


Therefore these are the things which you need to know including its founder, disabling features to its billion successes. But there are also other hiding features in the nooks of whatsapp which you need to find out more and use. We hope this article has been useful to get you some information regarding whatsapp.

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Best movie tv downloading websites

If you need the best entertainment right to deviate off your mind from the work you do every week then there is nothing better than Internet and for this purpose you can actually go up to the Internet and find some of the best movie websites and if you really don’t know any we have provided you with some of the best entertainment websites that you can refer to and have some good time with yourself.

Best movie tv downloading websites

  1. 300MB Movies 4U

You might be thinking that this movie downloading website only provides a certain size of the movies and for you it may be inconvenient but trust us with this website is this is the best place where you can download your favourite content including all the categories right from drama to action and adventure movies you will find it here and moreover you can get it for free and without having to register for any of the service in this movie downloading website.


  1. My Download Tube

If you are looking for such a website that you can not only download your favourite movies but you can actually watch and get The Hollywood movies then this movie downloading website is the best option for you and not only this but it also provides you with PC games that can be downloaded right away and is generally hard to find across the Internet rather than here.


  1. Tube+

If you want some quality stuff for the devices that you use and same goes for the movies that you want to watch then this movie downloading website is going to be the best option for you since every movie where is provided with the best quality and you can watch them on any device that you want and moreover the interface of this website is pretty simple that user friendly so you won’t have any issues downloading movies from this movie downloading website.


  1. Gingle

You might we’re thinking that it is just a movie downloading website but if you really want to know then this movie downloading website provides to not only with movies but also with music that you can download games that you can play and TV shows that you can watch and not only that but you can also stream into the movies that you want to download which ensures that you go for the right movie Before downloading.



This website is the one of the best movie downloading site for watching and downloading your favourite movies for free and you can expect much when a site is offering online movies and download option too and all you need to do is play a movie, click on download option at the bottom of a video player to download it. Moreover, the movie database keeps updating frequently with latest movies and TV shows.


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